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My name is Inesa Balic-Klicic, I was born and raised in Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My childhood was all about art, I was always kind of different, I enjoyed reading, writing poetry and little novels, drawing, making my own clothes, now when I look back my artistic side was my path and my stumbling stone through out my childhood, been always wandering and asking myself is it possible to live in Bosnia and to do what you love and to fight with all those windmills all the time, and now I see it was the most beautiful journey, because it was that hard now I find it more valuable. 

My closest family was not artistic, they had no interests in fine arts, and when I decided to sign up for Art high school they wanted me to go to Gymnasium, so our decision was to go to two high schools parallel, I was so thankful they gave me that chance to go to school they didn’t liked at first, I never felt it hard to be 12 hours at school, I enjoyed every moment of it.

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